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Ashish A Deshmukh


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Ashish A. Deshmukh, PhD, MPH, is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health Services Research, Management and Policy. Dr. Deshmukh is a clinical decision scientist and health economist. His research focuses on the development and evaluation of simulation models that have the potential to improve clinical decision-making and inform health policies.

Dr. Deshmukh’s primary research application area is in the study of epidemiology, prevention, and management of HPV-associated cancers. In particular, the principal focus of his research has been on identifying optimal algorithms for anal cancer prevention through precancer screening and management. Dr. Deshmukh also has a strong interest in health technology assessment, and the design and analysis of economic evaluation studies using population-based observational data or as part of clinical trials. His recent research has been covered in The New York Times, National Public Radio, CNN, CBS Evening News, NBC Nightly News, Forbs, Time, CNBC, US News and World Report, and other media outlets.

Before joining the University of Florida, Dr. Deshmukh was a Janice Davis Gordon Memorial Postdoctoral Fellow in Clinical Decision Science at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. During the fellowship, he was the recipient of the Outstanding Postdoctoral Trainee in Cancer Prevention of 2016 award and The Thomas H. and Mayme P. Scott Endowed Fellowship in Cancer Research. His research on the value-of-information analysis evaluating future HPV vaccination guidelines received the prestigious Lee Lusted Prize in Health Services, Outcomes and Policy Research at the 37th Annual Meeting of the Society for Medical Decision Making. Dr. Deshmukh received a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from M.G.V.’s pharmacy college, India in 2007. He then pursued a Master’s degree in Health Policy and Management from Texas A&M School of Public Health (2010) and a Ph.D. in Public Health/Health Economics from The University of Texas Health Science Center School of Public Health at Houston (2014).