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6 Suicide Warning Signs You Shouldn’t Ignore

Nearly 30,000 Americans commit suicide every year. Each suicide affects at least 6 other people, including family members, close friends, and the individual’s community – 180,000 individuals who are left cope with the tragic loss of someone they loved.

Suicide, although tragic, is preventable. Some suicide victims suffer from some type of mental illness, including depression, PTSD or bipolar disorder. Others may be experiencing stressful life issues, such as financial crises or relationship problems. Drug and alcohol use can also contribute to suicidal thoughts.

They key to suicide prevention is to know the warning signs. If someone you love has exhibited any of these signs, call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline right away.

  1. Talking about wanting to die or kill themselves, feeling hopeless or having no reason to live, feeling trapped or in unbearable pain, or being a burden to others.
  2. Beginning or increasing the use of alcohol or drugs.
  3. Behaving recklessly.
  4. Acting anxious or distressed.
  5. Sleeping too little or sleeping too much.
  6. Exhibiting extreme mood swings.

There’s no magic combination of behaviors or warning signs to definitively determine if your loved one is considering suicide, but being mindful of these signs can help you save a life.

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