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Research Interests

Dr. Conti has been past chairman of the ACC Extramural Program Committee. As chairman of the Self Study Educational Programs Committee, he was responsible for the development of the American College of Cardiology Self Assessment Program (ACCSAP). Since 1998, he has devoted much of his time teaching students, residents, and fellows clinical cardiology on the cardiology clinics, wards, the classroom and at clinical conferences. He also serves as mentor to encourage scholarly work for young faculty and fellows and serves as counselor/advisor/mentor regarding new ideas and refinement of manuscripts. From 1990-97 he was chairman of the Asymptomatic Cardiac Ischemia Pilot (ACIP) Trial NHLBI funded multicenter and ndash; multinational study. He has served as principal investigator for Medtronic, Inc. Stimulation Therapy for Angina Refractory to Standard Therapies, Interventions , and Medications (STARTSTIM), and for PILOT Research Project on EECP, Azithromycin and Coronary Events Study (ACES).