Cancer Specialties: Cancer Clinical Services

The UF Health Cancer Center offers a wide range of diagnostic, treatment and after care services for all types of adult and children’s cancer.

Our comprehensive cancer program provides patients with the finest leading-edge cancer prevention and treatment while giving physicians and healthcare professionals the opportunity to do their best work.

The frequently used clinical services listed here are only a few of those available. Your Cancer Treatment Team will coordinate your appointments with the services included in your specific treatment plan.




Support and Resources

We know that cancer can be more than a physical disease as it touches the deepest fears of patients and their families. For this reason, we provide information to lessen the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis.

We encourage you to accept help when offered and to reach out for the support you need. Each individual will have different needs. What is meaningful to one person may be meaningless to another. We do know that it is helpful to discuss your concerns – whether it is to a friend, family member or spiritual adviser; in a support group of people going through a similar situation; or to yourself through a journal. Find the method that works best for you.