Ways to Help

In-Kind Donations

Donations and useful items are needed year-round for patients and families from birth to 21.  UF Health greatly appreciates donations, but we ask that you please follow the guidelines below to ensure our patients’ safety.

To protect the privacy of our patients, donors will not be allowed to deliver room to room.  All donated items will be distributed to patients by Child Life staff.

In-Kind Donation Guidelines

  • Due to infection control guidelines, all toys or items of any kind must be brand new and in original packaging.  We cannot accept any used or gently used items.
  • Stuffed animals and plush toys will not be accepted unless they are in the original manufacturers packaging.
  • Please do not include food, candy, or gum.  Many patients are on restricted diets.
  • All items must be politically and religiously neutral, please do not include religious reading material.
  • Latex items are not permitted (including latex balloons), many individuals have latex allergies. 
  • All donated art items such as paint, crayon, glue, etc. must be labeled non-toxic
  • Please make sure items do not contain small parts such as buttons, glass, magnetic balls or any game that contains magnetic pieces.
  • Please do not include any toy or item that contains button batteries.
  • Please do not include any items that represent violence (soldiers, guns, war games, etc.).
  • Please do not gift wrap items as everything needs to be checked for safety. 

Wish lists and Suggested Donations

Online Giving

Delivery Instructions

All donated items will be accepted and approved by the Child Life or Volunteer Services staff.  Advanced notice of your donation is greatly appreciated.  Please contact the Child Life Department at 352-594-6470 or Volunteer Services Department 352-265-0360 to schedule your delivery and for specific drop off instructions. 


Are you interested in working with hospitalized children?

Child Life is looking for individuals to lead activity groups and work bedside with patients! 

We are looking for motivated individuals who are willing to come in at least three hours a week. If you are a student, we are looking for a multiple semester commitment.  All volunteers applying to the Child Life program must have one semester of previous experience volunteering within UF Health.  Please contact the volunteer services office for more information on volunteer opportunities or view more information about student volunteers here.

For students interested in volunteering with child life for the summer semester please submit resumes to childlife@shands.ufl.edu by April 11th 2019. Upon receiving resumes, you will be able to sign up for the in person interview. Interviews are a first come, first serve basis. Please respond promptly to ensure you are allotted a time that works with your schedule. The interview dates will be April 23rd- April 26th 2019 in the ground floor child life office G005. The G005 child life office is located next to the volunteer services office.