Costs for Procedures

Use these tools to plan for your potential out-of-pocket hospital expenses:

Price Estimator

Find out the estimated costs for the most common medical procedures and services.

Price Transparency - Price Lists

Price lists include costs for all hospital services. Every patient’s hospital experience is unique, and could include any combination of these service items. A procedure and hospital stay can include hundreds of service items.

The price list doesn't include healthcare provider fees. Your providers, such as your doctor or anesthesiologist, send a separate bill. You can request a personal price quote to calculate those added costs.

The listed prices are estimates. It does not include your out-of-pocket expenses. Your expenses will vary, based on your insurance coverage and policies.

  • Standard Charges (effective date 1/1/2023)
    This spreadsheet shows the rates UF Health Shands charges for hospital procedures. It also shows the contracted insurance payer costs for each procedure. If an insurer doesn't distinctly reimburse for a service, we can't determine the cost. These are labeled as bundled in the spreadsheet. Blank costs indicate there is not enough available experience for the payer to determine cost.
  • Medicare Severity-Diagnosis Related Group (MS-DRG)
    This lists the national average costs for inpatient hospital procedures.
  • See a list of accepted insurances at UF Health

Florida Health Price Finder - Price Transparency

  • Florida Health Price Finder
    The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration provides the Florida Health Price Finder, a healthcare consumer comparison tool for comparing state and national costs.

Get a Personal Price Quote

Not all providers at the hospital are UF Health employees. They bill for their services separately from UF Health. These providers may not participate with our health insurers or HMOs. Please contact us to find out if any of these providers might be one of your caregivers. You can then determine if your insurance will cover their service.

Please call (352) 265-0236 to get a price quote and an estimate for your out-of-pocket costs.

The information on this page was last updated and reviewed for accuracy 12/1/2020.