Dental Volunteers

A two-semester commitment is required for dental volunteering, and all new dental volunteers must spend one semester volunteering in the Student Dental Clinics (general dentistry) before they are eligible to volunteer in any of the following specialty clinics:

Please complete volunteer process in the following order:

Step one

Complete an Online Volunteer Application.
Please see the right-hand sidebar for information on when the application opens for the coming semester.

Due to limited space in our database, applicants who do not receive a volunteer placement for the semester will need to resubmit another application for the following semester.

Step two

Schedule a Placement Appointment online through our Volunteer Information Center.
Please see the right-hand sidebar for information on when scheduling opens for the coming semester.

  • You may only schedule one placement appointment per volunteer.
  • Interested applicants MUST schedule a Placement Interview online. (Your username and password are the ones you provided on the online application.) Placement interviews CANNOT be scheduled by phone, email, or in person.
  • If all Placement Appointments are full, please continue to check the Volunteer Information Center for any appointments that may open up as we progress through the placement dates.
  • All placement appointments are held in room G083, around the corner from the UF Health Shands Volunteer Services office, located on the Ground floor of UF Health Shands Hospital. Take the Atrium elevators to the ground floor, and follow the signs.

Step three

Complete the required online orientation. 
Log into myTraining (Non-UF students will need to create a temporary account to access the online orientation materials. Click here for a guide to walk you through the process.)

Complete the following training modules:

Print the certificate of completion for each training module. Certificates can be accessed by clicking on the small certificate icon next to each module listed in your “Training Transcript”.

Step four

Complete the required Dental Training
Volunteers interested in the dental clinics must complete the following training in order to be in compliance with UF College of Dentistry. Log into myTraining (Non-UF students will need to create a temporary account to access the online orientation materials. Click here for a guide to walk you through the processComplete the following training modules:

  • BBP/BMW Training Dentistry (UF_EHS850D_OLT) and print the certificate of completion.
  • Complete the University of Florida Confidentiality Agreement and print out the signed agreement.
  • Print the BBP form and fill it out. All three Hepatitis B vaccines are required in order to volunteer in the Dental Clinics.

IMPORTANT: You CANNOT be placed as a dental volunteer if you do not bring the required dental paperwork to your placement appointment (along with all other required volunteering documentation).      

Step five

Complete the Security & Confidentiality Form.

    • Please write “Volunteer Services” in the box labeled “Entity or Department”
    • If you do not have a badge ID or UF ID, please leave this field blank.

    Step six

    Read and Sign the Code of Conduct. Read the Volunteer Handbook. 

    • Just like employees, all volunteers are expected to follow UF Health’s Code of Conduct. Volunteers are also expected to have read the Volunteer Handbook and adhere to all policies and procedures outlined therein.
    • During your placement appointment, you will sign an acknowledgement form that you have read these two documents and agree to abide by them. Therefore, it is not necessary to print the last page from the Code of Conduct.

    Step seven

    Obtain two (2) copies of medical records from your doctor, high school, parents, or college (UF students may use MyChart) verifying the following:

    • Measles/Mumps/Rubella: Documentation of two (2) measles/mumps/rubella vaccinations or serological (laboratory testing) proof of immunity to measles (rubeola) and rubella (German measles).
    • Varicella (Chicken Pox): Verification of having Chicken Pox through medical documentation of the disease OR documentation of two varicella vaccinations.
    • Complete Hepatitis B vaccine series (3 vaccinations): Required for those interested in volunteering in the Emergency Room, Operating Room, or Dental Clinics.
    • Proof of 2018-2019 flu vaccination.

    Step eight

    Obtain Occupational Health Clearance
    Pick up the Occupational Health Clearance Packet from UF Health Shands Volunteer Services. Take the two forms along with one copy of your immunization records (see the bullet below) to Occupational Health to obtain your clearance. Dates, times, and locations for volunteer clearance are listed in the right-hand sidebar. Clearance from Occupational Health must be obtained PRIOR to your Placement Appointment.

    • You will fill out a form that helps Occupational Health determine if you need to take a Tuberculosis skin test. A majority of our volunteers will not need this test – Occupational Health will tell you if you will need to take one in order to be cleared.
    • We highly recommend beginning the clearance process several days before your appointment to allow for time in the event that you must provide additional documentation or wait for test results to come back before you can be cleared.
    • Occupational Health will keep a copy of your immunization records. You will need to bring another copy to your placement appointment.

    What to bring to your Placement Appointment/How to Dress

    1. UF Health Shands Hospital online orientation certificates of completion:
      HIPAA & Privacy – General Awareness
      UF Health Volunteer Orientation
    2. The completed  Security & Confidentiality Form.
    3. Required Dental Training documentation:
      BBP/BMW Training Dentistry certificate
      University of Florida Confidentiality Agreement
      BBP Form 
    4. Volunteer Service Record form with Occupational Health Services clearance signatures.
    5. Copy of your immunization record to include:
      Measles/Mumps/Rubella: Documentation of two (2) measles/mumps/rubella vaccinations or serological (laboratory testing) proof of immunity to measles and rubella (German measles)
      Varicella (Chicken Pox): Verification of having Chicken Pox through medical documentation of the disease OR documentation of two varicella vaccinations.
      Hepatitis B vaccine series: (required for ED, OR and Dental Clinics.)
      Proof of 2018-2019 flu vaccination
    6. Your semester schedule (and your work schedule if employed):
      We do not need a printed copy of these schedules but you should have something with you that you can use to reference your availability for volunteering. (With the high volume of volunteers in our program, making scheduling changes is difficult, so we want to be sure that when we place you for a shift during the appointment it does not conflict with classes or work).

    Dress for the appointment is business casual; this is a professional workplace. Out of respect for our patients and their families we ask that you not wear shorts, tank tops, gym clothes, or midriff-baring tops.