Children with diabetes who live hours away from the Gainesville area have increased access to specialized treatment closer to home, thanks to the Telemedicine Program. The program connects health practitioners to patients through the Internet and telemedicine technology to improve care.

The Florida Department of Health’s Children’s Medical Services underwrites the program, allowing dozens of Volusia County children who have diabetes and other endocrine problems to be treated by UF clinicians through the Daytona Beach Children’s Medical Services clinic, instead of coming all the way to Gainesville for appointments.

Every two weeks, a nurse stationed on-site assesses the patients, then presents case details to the medical team in Gainesville via a secure videoconferencing system. UF physicians personally examine patients at the Daytona Beach clinic once a year during a three-day intensive on-site visit.

The program also includes an educational Web site, open to all children who attend UF diabetes clinics, their teachers and any secondary caregivers, including prospective counselors at the Florida Diabetes Camp.