Executive Health Packages

Choosing the right Executive Health package is effortless. Age appropriate packages are constructed with your individual needs in mind.

At the end of your visit your test results and a wellness plan are provided in a private consultation with specific recommendations for improving or sustaining your health and to enhance your quality of life.

Ages 39 & Under

This package is designed to cultivate healthy habits and lay foundation for maximum productivity and lifelong vitality. With an emphasis on lifestyle modification including nutrition, fitness, sleep habits and stress reduction, investing in this Executive Health package can help ensure you are on the road to realizing your optimum potential.

Labs (39 & Under)

Ages 40-60

Navigating the stress and demands of work and family can often lead to the overlooking the biggest contributor to a dynamic life – your health. This wellness package can help correct the course by examining baseline health, providing a blueprint for modifying detrimental old habits, and creating a strategy to achieve fitness and a surge in energy and personal productivity. Assessment for prostate health, early testosterone screening for men, and screening for cancers are some of the important and potentially life-saving preventive measures that can provide peace of mind and an optimal track to feeling your best.

  • Personal Consult with Physician
  • Comprehensive Physical Exam
  • Consult with Registered Dietician
  • Treadmill Cardiac Stress Test
  • Body Composition Testing
  • Metabolic Analysis
  • Hearing Screening
  • Pelvic Exam with PAP Smear and Breast Exam for Women
  • Massage
  • Assessment from Athletic Trainer
  • Prostate Exam for Men
  • Comprehensive Report of Results and Recommendations

Labs (40-60)

Ages 61 +

Etch a clear path to sound physical fitness, mental acuity, and increased stamina. Get the most out of life now and in the future with this Executive Health package designed to help alleviate many health-related obstacles typically associated with aging. Boost vigor and increase your capacity to meet the challenges of day-to-day physical and mental tasks, as well as enhance overall healthy wellbeing. Memory, gait and balance, fall prevention, and testosterone deficiency are just some of the elements addressed in this beneficial wellness package.

Labs (61+)