Dystonia - Kelly Foote, M.D. - UF physician

Science alone can not effectively treat dystonia. People can.

Dr. Kelly Foote is a University of Florida neurosurgeon who has performed more than 500 deep brain stimulator implantations, a procedure that can improve muscle movement for a variety of conditions and diseases.

Listen as Dr. Foote discusses the Deep Brain Stimulation Program at Shands at UF, the multidisciplinary, patient-centered team and the conditions that can be treated by Deep Brain Stimulation.

Dr. Foote is one of more than 550 UF faculty physicians who treat patients at Shands at UF.

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Kelly D Foote
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Deep brain stimulation
Movement - uncontrollable
Movement - uncoordinated
Stereotypic movement disorder
Movement - unpredictable or jerky
Movement - uncontrolled or slow
Movement Disorders Program at UF Health Neuromedicine – Williston Road
UF Health Neurosurgery – Neuromedicine Hospital
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Kelly D Foote