Erika Cascio,

Erika M Cascio, Psy.D.


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Integrating Neuropsychology and Brain Imaging for a Referral of Possible Pseudodementia: A Case Report.
The Clinical neuropsychologist

Research Interests

Dr. Cascio’s research interests span a variety of topics within neuropsychology; although, she holds a particular interest in pediatric cancer and traumatic brain injury. Her doctoral dissertation involved the development of a recovery guide for children who have experienced mild traumatic brain injury/concussion and their families, which comprised an activity book geared toward assisting school-age children in understanding the recovery process. Since joining the faculty, Dr. Cascio has been a part of many interdisciplinary research studies and clinical trials within oncology, neurology, pediatric congenital heart, and neonatology. Her interest in program development has also led to procurement of several philanthropic grants supporting service provision within pediatrics.