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Improving Quality of Life for Essential Tremor - Wellness University webinar

This event has ended.

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Please join Dr. Justin D. Hilliard of UF Health Neurosurgery, for a webinar discussing an incisionless, outpatient treatment for patients diagnosed with Essential Tremor. If you or someone you know has Essential Tremor, register to learn about how focused ultrasound can substantially reduce tremor.

Focused ultrasound, or FUS, is an FDA approved, outpatient, incisionless treatment option for patients with essential tremor. During the procedure, ultrasound waves are directed through the skull to target a region of the brain called the thalamus. The thalamus is a center within the brain that processes motor information, and in those with essential tremor, it is receiving poor quality information from other regions of the brain resulting in tremor. Focused ultrasound creates an ablation within the thalamus, disrupting the abnormal flow of information through it, thereby significantly reducing tremor. Patients experience instantaneous relief and return home the same day of the procedure.

Registration is required to receive the link to the Zoom webinar.