Five Pillars of Excellence

What are the Five Pillars?

Our organization's goals now are organized under five main areas, which we call The Five Pillars of Excellence. Focusing on the pillars helps us maintain balance on our journey to be the region's health care leader.

We can organize all our activities by these pillars.


  • Improving access to services and facilities
  • Increasing patient satisfaction scores
  • Enhancing referring physician satisfaction
  • Focusing on customer service


  • Increasing participation in the employee engagement survey
  • Developing employee reward and recognition programs
  • Improving communication at all levels
  • Increasing employee recruitment and retention
  • Raising awareness about diversity


  • Enhancing quality of care
  • Increasing patient safety
  • Preparing for JCAHO surveys and accreditation processes


  • Generating revenues
  • Making purchasing and materials management more efficient
  • Expanding contracts with medical insurance companies
  • Protecting legislative funding
  • Focusing on development and fundraising


  • Launching the new branding campaign
  • Developing long-range plans for facilities
  • Focusing on partnerships and affiliations
  • Focusing on recruitment of medical staff