At University of Florida Health, our commitment to improving the lives of our patients, and serving UF’s missions of education, research and service, lies at the heart of everything we do. UF Health is the Southeast’s most comprehensive academic health center, with more than 22,000 faculty and staff who are committed to moving medicine forward. We are nationally unique for our diverse health science center colleges and research institutes that are integrated with hospitals and patient care programs on the campus of its parent university.

As an integral part of the University of Florida, we contribute to UF’s ongoing recognition as a leading research university by achieving stature as national leaders in many areas of biomedical and population science. Together we create unstoppable momentum toward the goal of improving individual and community health through discovery, clinical and translational science and technology, exceptional education, and patient-centered, innovative, high-quality health care.

We invite you to consider UF Health as your health care provider.

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What is UF Health?



As a leading academic health center, UF Health embraces research as an integral part of its mission to promote health. Over the past decade, the University of Florida has moved into the top tier of research universities by providing world-class faculty across 16 colleges with the resources they need to produce groundbreaking research and useful new products.



The Health Science Center plays a leading role in UF’s research enterprise, generating 52 percent of the university’s total research awards. Our success is predicated on a multidisciplinary approach.



Six distinguished health colleges, six major research institutes, versatile research facilities and statewide education and health delivery systems position us at the forefront of institutions that can advance discoveries along the full continuum of translational science — from laboratories to clinics to public health and policy arenas.


Rebekah - No Two AlikeNo Two Alike: Rebekah Gaudet loves life as a mother after undergoing limb-salvage surgery at UF Health

When Rebekah felt pain in her left arm and visited a walk-in clinic in Tallahassee in 2006, she walked out with the diagnosis of a malignant tumor in her humerus, the long bone that connects the shoulder to the elbow. She was referred to UF Health Shands Hospital. C. Parker Gibbs Jr., MD, an orthopaedic oncologist at UF Health, removed the tumor — along with Rebekah’s shoulder, rotator cuff and humerus. He then returned mobility to her arm by reconstructing her shoulder and replacing the bone in her arm with one from a donor.

“There’s nothing that’s restricting me,” said Rebekah, 30, who is now married with a toddler and travels to Gainesville for annual check-ups. “I can’t do the ‘YMCA’ because I obviously can’t lift my arm up that high, but other than that I just live a normal life. I would just thank (Dr. Gibbs) for helping give me a second chance at life, because without his knowledge I may not be here today.” Gibbs said, “It’s been a personal satisfaction for me to watch Rebekah go through her treatment, survive her treatment and her cancer, and then move on with her life and have a beautiful new baby … It’s kind of the reason we do what we do — to see things like that happen.”