Youngmok Lee, Ph.D.

 Dr. Youngmok LeeResearcher

In February 2014, Dr. Youngmok Lee joined the GSD program as the director of basic science research. After receiving his PhD in agricultural biotechnology in 2006, Dr. Lee moved to the NIH in 2008 to study GSD, and completed two post-doctoral fellowships in the laboratory of Dr. Janice Chou. For the past six years, Dr. Lee has been working on gene therapy with GSD Ia and Ib. He has also been involved with studies on detailed mechanism of GSD Ia and immune function in GSD Ib. In his new role, Dr. Lee is directing basic studies on GSD Ia, Ib, and VI including gene therapy. He is also modernizing the GSD DNA lab to allow full gene sequencing, as we strive to elucidate the cause of the GSD for the four percent of patients, for whom mutations have yet to be found.