Heart and Vascular Clinical Trials

Let's fight heart disease together

Clinical trials are research studies that evaluate new drugs or treatment strategies and determine if they are effective. Each clinical trial is designed to find a new or better way to treat common, and complex, heart and vascular issues.

We have a large number of short- and long-term clinical trials underway involving the use of new pharmacotherapeutic agents or new therapeutic strategies for the treatment of the following:

Aortic Aneurysms

Aortic Dissection

Aortic Stenosis


    This trial is for the evaluation of transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) compared to surveillance for patients with asymptomatic severe aortic stenosis. Patients are randomized to receive either TAVR with the Edwards SAPIEN 3 THV or clinical surveillance. Patients will be stratified by whether or not they are able to perform a treadmill stress test. Patients who have a positive stress test will be followed in a registry to collect data on subsequent treatment and mortality, as applicable.

Coronary Artery Disease


    This is a trial to assess the best dose of aspirin to use in patients with stable coronary artery disease. Potential participants must receive care at UF Health, Orlando Health or Florida Hospital in Orlando.

    Contact: 352.273.8933

Critical Limb Ischemia


    This study compares the effectiveness of best available surgical treatment with best available endovascular treatment in adults with critical limb ischemia who are eligible for both treatment options.

    Contact: 352.273.7598

Heart Attack


    This trial is evaluating the effect of donor stem cells on heart function over time in patients who have had a heart attack.

    Contact: 352.273.8933

Heart Disease in Women

  • HARP

    This is an observational trial for women who present to the hospital for a heart attack and do not have obstructive coronary artery disease after undergoing cardiac catheterization. This trial is using various cardiac imaging techniques to improve understanding about plaque and coronary artery disease in women.

    Contact: 352.273.8933

  • Warrior

    This trial is for women who have signs and symptoms of ischemia and no obstructive
    coronary disease to evaluate intensive medical therapy compared to usual care. It targets clinically stable women with angina or equivalent symptoms of sufficient severity to seek, or have sought, referral for coronary angiography or coronary CT angiogram within the previous 2 years. This trial will evaluate intensive medical therapy compared with usual care and targets active duty, veterans and military dependent women.

    Contact: 352.273.8933

Heart Failure

  • CardiAMP™ Heart FailureThis is a trial to evaluate the effect of stem cell therapy using donor’s concentrated bone marrow compared to sham control patients. The trial is for patients who have heart failure (ejection fraction <20% - <40%) as a result of a heart attack.
    Contact: 352.273.8933


    This trial is comparing the effectiveness of two types of stem cells alone, or in combination, compared to placebo over time for patients with heart failure and an ejection fraction of <40%.

    Contact: 352.273.8933

  • DREAM-HF-1

    This is a trial for patients with heart failure (ejection fraction <40%) regardless of reason, with or without coronary artery disease, to evaluate the effect of donor mesenchymal precursor cells compared with placebo on heart function over time.

    Contact: 352.273.8933

  • Momentum 3

    This trial studies the safety and effectiveness of the HeartMate 3 Left Ventricular Assist System (LVAS) by demonstrating non-inferiority to the HeartMate II Left Ventricular Assist System when used for the treatment of advanced, refractory, left ventricular heart failure.

    Contact: 352.273.7837


    This is a trial for cancer survivors whose heart has been weakened (ejection fraction <45%) after receiving anthracycline for various forms of cancer to evaluate the effect of donor mesenchymal stem cells compared to placebo on heart function over time.

    Contact: 352.273.8933

  • VICTORIAThis trial is for patients who have heart failure with an ejection fraction (<45%) to evaluate a new drug called Vericiguat on heart function and outcomes over time.Contact: 352.273.8933

Heart Valve Disease

  • On-X® Valve Using Low Dose Anticoagulation

    This trial compares patients with the On-X® valve on low-dose anticoagulation (test group) to control groups of On-X® valves receiving standard Coumadin/aspirin therapy and also to FDA objective performance criteria for heart valve replacement.

    Contact: 352.273.7837


  • Minocycline Patients diagnosed with uncontrolled hypertension who have not been able to achieve good blood pressure control after treatment with three blood pressure medications may be eligible to participate in this study. The purpose is to observe the effects of low and high doses of the drug minocycline in patients with drug-resistant hypertension.Contact: 352.273.8933

Microvascular Dysfunction

  • Qualitative MVA

    The purpose of this research study is to get feedback on a new questionnaire developed for patients with microvascular angina.