Dr. Aggarwal's Testimonials

“I came to Dr. Aggarwal in Nov/Dec 2016 with chest pains and was put through the typical battery of tests to determine whether or not I had a blockage and due to my weight, it was hard to confirm without having a catheterization, whether or not I did. Dr. Aggarwal suggested to me that rather than go that route, I try some dietary changes like doing away with cheese and other dairy and add more veggies to my diet. I got her book and read it along with ‘Forks Over Knives’ and followed her advice. My chest pain subsided within 2 weeks and has not been an issue since.

When Dr. Aggarwal suggested I stop eating cheese I laughed and told her that I’d rather cut my arm off because cheese was my biggest weakness, you could have asked me to quit eating everything BUT cheese and it would have been easier. But I did quit, in fact I left her office and went home and threw out all of it. Because I was a cheese addict, my dog (Walter) was also a cheese addict and when I came home from work he and I would share a chunk or slice of cheese, so obviously when I did away with cheese for me, I did away with cheese for him.

I got Walter when he was 1.5 years old and he started having issues with IBS and seizures about 6 months after I had him. One day when I was looking at my calendar, I noticed that he had not had a seizure in 6 months (he averaged 1 or 2 a month) and I immediately realized they stopped at the same time I stopped feeding him cheese.

I felt it was important to let others know that your advice was heard and followed and appreciated so much and has led to even bigger changes. For many years my primary care provider has tried to help me get into a weight-loss program that only accepted a limited number of patients. Last year I was accepted in the program, which I had hoped was comprehensive and well-rounded but unfortunately only included weight management pills. I took the pills for 3 months and lost weight, but when I read up on it realized it was not recommended for people with high blood pressure, I stopped both the pills and the program.

I was very frustrated with the idea of taking a pill that I knew was harmful and went back and read the book again, along with ‘Forks Over Knives’ and then ‘The China Study.” About 4 months ago, my husband and I both went to a plant-based diet and I have continued to lose weight (without pills) and my husband who suffers from type 2 diabetes has been able to cut his medication in half and we both feel so much better.”

Thank you for all that you do and please know that maybe not all patients listen, but some do.”
Middle-aged woman with a small dog in her hands.


- Angela Shore

“Never did I think I would have heart disease as I’ve spent a lifetime of aerobic exercising, but it happened. What I failed to realize was that eating a healthy diet was just as important as exercise. This year, I had to have a stent replaced in my LAD artery due to a 95% blockage. After meeting with my original cardiologist, I wanted a second opinion, hence, I contacted Dr. Aggarwal.


The consultation with Dr. Aggarwal lasted more than an hour. The good doctor spent much time explaining the need for changing my diet and why, even suggesting specific foods. I changed my eating habits substantially, did the heart rehabilitation in earnest, took up yoga and stretching several times a week, and even added weight training. My waist line has decreased by six inches and my flexibility is better than it has been in 20 plus years. Another added benefit, I’ve been battling chronic lower back pain for the past couple years having to resort to taking pain and muscle spasm medications. But no more as most of that pain is gone. I feel great, it’s like being a new man inside and out! Thank you, Dr. Aggarwal.
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- Frank Briscoe

“I’ve always generally been in good health and interested in being an active person. Starting in 2014, I had my first cardiac event. That’s when I discovered how my history of eating through my life led to coronary artery disease. I had the whole history underneath of southern eating and cooking. My struggle was that my heart health was silent, and I perceived my health to be better than it was.


I found Dr. Aggarwal when looking for an integrative cardiologist. I read her book “Finding Balance,” and was able to meet with her and begin to follow a plan. What I’m so thrilled about is that she’s the perfect fit for me, and I’m able to access her expertise without traveling too far. My experience with Dr. Aggarwal and the staff has been superb and supportive in a way that’s different. They take the time to explain things thoroughly and I’m thankful for that. I plan to work with Dr. Aggarwal to increase my artery health over the next few years.


- Larry Smith

“I haven’t been a patient of Dr. Aggarwal’s for long. But, I feel like I’ve been her patient for a while because of the level of care I’ve gotten. I started seeing her in October 2017 after my husband died. I had anxiety and was having trouble with my heart condition. I could hear my husband’s voice saying, ‘Take care of yourself.’ That’s what really pushes me.


I started to change my eating habits, eating lots of greens and exercising a few times a week. I’ve lost 12 pounds and feel great. She helped with my high blood pressure medication, and now I don’t have heart palpitations. Dr. Aggarwal is really concerned about her patients. It makes you really want to do what the doctor says!”


- Vernell Hall

“I kept having a lot of chest pain, and I had cholesterol so high that just wasn’t moving. I was pretty run down, dealing with chronic pain. I was then referred to Dr. Aggarwal, and she was really encouraging. She told me she wanted to see the fire back in my eyes again. She suggested I get on a whole-foods, plant-based diet. I started feeling a lot better from being on the diet, doing some yoga and meditation. My cholesterol went from 379 the year before to 204. I’ve started taking time for myself, cutting out some of the stress.


I’d been disabled for a while, but now I have been able to do many of the things I couldn’t before. It’s enabled me to be more active. I was going down one road, and it’s like I did a U-turn. Now, I’m headed in the right direction for my health. I know when I come to UF Health that they want me to feel better. I feel like I can trust Dr. Aggarwal, because it’s all working. It worked for her. It worked for me. And it has also worked for my kids.”


- Sheree Monroe

“I started seeing Dr. Aggarwal around the end of January. She was a recommendation from another cardiologist at UF. She is very great and liberal with her time. I know that’s probably greatly appreciated by any patient, and it is especially by me.


I’ve been on a lot of diets in my life, and she’s probably the only one who never said, ‘Now you weigh X, and I need you to weigh Y.’ She went over healthy foods she’d like to me to eat and the regimen, just showing you how eating property will result in weight loss.


I definitely have increased energy, lower blood pressure, and reduced some of my medications. I feel better about myself and my appearance. My wife is thrilled – she never stops complimenting me. Just overall, I feel much better than the first day I went to the doctor.


Would I recommend Dr. Aggarwal? What do you think? It’s an overwhelming yes.


- Eugene Dever