Integrative and Preventative Cardiology

Our mission is to build a community that focuses on an integrative and preventive approach to healing using tools to combat stress, improved nutrition and movement.

The UF Cardiology – Springhill Integrative and Preventive Cardiology Program focuses on wellness, prevention and nutrition in cardiology, promoting food as the foundation of healing.

Under the guidance of Dr. Aggarwal, the program offers an integrative approach to cardiovascular care, focusing on improving quality of life and helping to optimize cardiovascular health through a wide array of techniques, including:

  • Focusing on prevention and wellness
  • Lifestyle modifications to improve overall health
  • Improved diet and nutrition options as a way to improve cardiovascular health
  • Tools to alleviate stress, including yoga and meditation

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A Message from the Physician

Becoming a cardiologist isn’t easy, as one must go to medical school, then three years of Internship/Residency, which are followed by a three-year cardiology training program called a fellowship. When you finish all of this, you feel old. Or maybe that was just me, which is why I -- as a woman in subspecialty medicine -- felt my birthing clock begin to tick. Because of this, I decided to have three children in five years. Needless to say, my life became a blur: juggling work, home, kids and myself. My hectic schedule caused me to develop a chronic illness, but I was able to take this negative and turn it into a positive because I now understood what it means to be a patient. During the past ten years that I’ve practiced, I have developed clarity for my life and at work. Due to my illness, I practice in an entirely different way, and my patients are better for it. Everything I have learned could fill an encyclopedia, but here are the six most important things I’ve learned that I pass on to my patients. (I’d like to link this to a page in the menu that will live under the “For Patients” tab titled Six Important Things (document attached titled six important things).

- Monica Aggarwal, MD