Integrative Medicine: Integrative Medicine Consultation

What is an Integrative Medicine consultation?

This is an assessment performed by a physician with training and experience in Integrative Medicine.

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During the consultation, the physician obtains not only a full medical history and performs a physical examination, but also assesses the patient’s emotional, mental and social well-being. A treatment plan is developed in collaboration with the patient. Recommendations may include use of dietary supplements and botanicals, changes in eating and physical activity, mind-body procedures such as meditation, acupuncture and massage, and referrals to practitioners of other healing systems such as Traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda (a holistic medicine system from India), or homeopathy.

Services for Patients:

The UF Health Integrative Medicine Program offers Integrative Medicine consultations and services at the UF Health Integrative Medicine - Springhill location Monday through Friday.

Anyone interested in an Integrative Medicine consultation may ask their physician to refer them. Appointments can be made by calling 352.265.WELL (9355).