: Meditation Exercises

Learn more about Meditation & Relaxation

Practitioner: Chaya-Sharon Heller - 2 Tracks

Yoga Nidra Cocoon of Safety, Protection, and Healing (25 min)

Journey to your favorite place in nature, a safe place for inner healing

Guided Imagery Through the Elements (25 min)

Progressive relaxation and exploration of the 5 elements of Ayurveda

Practitioner: Madeline Austin - 4 tracks

Loving Kindness (20 min)

Breathing into compassion for ourselves and others. Produced by and with music by Karon Johnson

Gently, Quietly, Peacefully (45 min)

Basic meditation to de-stress

Pathway to Sleep (28 min)

For rest and relaxation leading into sleep

Calm in Every Cell (28 min)

Guided meditation for women to help with menstrual issues and restful sleep

Practitioner: Tammy Bernard - 2 tracks

Meditation to Calm the Mind (14 minutes)

A beginner's exercise to promote tranquility

Yoga Nidra for Deep Relaxation (20 minutes)

Mindfulness meditation to support relaxation and sleep