Julia Close, M.D.

Julia L Close, M.D. - Research & Publications

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Research Interests

  • Dr. Close's research interest is in optimizing education for learners at all levels, with a focus on Graduate Medical Education, specifically fellows. She has developed both local and national curriculum. Local efforts include incorporating team based learning and virtual patients into the fellowship oncology curriculum. At a national level, she was one of 3 editors representing the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) in the development and improvement of a collaborative curriculum between the European Society for Medical Society (ESMO) and ASCO, to be used for oncology programs outside the United States. She is also interested in providing education to improve the physician and patient interaction at the end of life, and is currently pursuing research into this area. Finally, she is interested in preventing burn-out in physicians-in-training, and has recently worked with colleagues to expand the resiliency curriculum within the fellowship program.