Published Feb 17, 2021
The number of people diagnosed with thyroid cancer has more than quadrupled in the last 40 years, even as the...continue reading
Published Feb 17, 2021
How would you feel if you collected only $100 every time you passed “Go” in a game of Monopoly while...continue reading
Published Feb 12, 2021
Specialty: Nephrology, Specialty: Primary Care
Educating patients with chronic kidney disease about different dialysis modalities greatly increases their adoption of home dialysis, which can save money, improve patients’ lives and empower them....continue reading
Published Feb 12, 2021
Specialty: Nephrology
For 18 years, Sandra “Sandy” Demasters-Reynolds, MSN, RN, CCTC, served as a living donor program manager at the UF Health Shands Transplant Center before becoming a living donor herself....continue reading
Published Feb 9, 2021
Specialty: Pediatrics
Welcome to the University of Florida Health 2020 Pediatric Progress Report, where we share news and updates from UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital. Read more about what makes our pediatric programs unique and contributes to our success as one of the nation’s best children’s hospitals. We hope you will appreciate our digital format, which is best viewed using Firefox or Chrome from a PC or Safari from a Mac....continue reading
Published Feb 5, 2021
As of January, the program’s one-year postoperative survival rate is 98%, almost 10% higher than the national average. Similarly, the waitlist mortality rate is 4%, versus the national average of 18%, and boasts an average of 1.2 months of time to transplant....continue reading
Published Jan 26, 2021
Specialty: Pediatrics, Specialty: Diabetes and Endocrinology
In a study published in The New England Journal of Medicine on Nov. 19, Michael J. Haller, MD , University...continue reading
Published Jan 26, 2021
In December, University of Florida Health became the first in the Southeast and third in the U.S. to implement a novel diaphragmatic neurostimulator in a COVID-19 patient requiring intubation....continue reading
Published Jan 26, 2021
When COVID-19 patient Melory Biangdan was told that she would need to be placed on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, her family put their trust in the care team at University of Florida Health’s Unit 82....continue reading
Published Jan 26, 2021
University of Florida Health became the first in the Southeast to perform a double-lung transplant on a man whose lungs were left unable to function by the virus....continue reading


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