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Published Sep 9, 2021
Specialty: Gynecology, Specialty: Pediatrics
The breastmilk of lactating mothers vaccinated against COVID-19 contains a... continue reading
Published Aug 23, 2021
In terms of solutions for weight loss, pediatric weight-loss surgery... continue reading
Published Jun 25, 2021
Specialty: Pulmonary and Lung Surgery, Specialty: Pediatrics
An internationally recognized physician who performed more than 100 lung... continue reading
Published Jun 25, 2021
Specialty: Pediatrics
Parents are still learning how best to manage their children’s... continue reading
Published Jun 25, 2021
Specialty: Pediatrics
The University of Florida Health Shands Children’s Hospital is in... continue reading
Published Feb 17, 2021
Specialty: Pediatrics, Specialty: Primary Care
MotoMeds is a pediatric call center and mobile medicine delivery... continue reading
Published Feb 9, 2021
Specialty: Pediatrics
Welcome to the University of Florida Health 2020 Pediatric Progress... continue reading
Published Jan 26, 2021
Specialty: Pediatrics, Specialty: Diabetes and Endocrinology
In a study published in The New England Journal of... continue reading
Published Jan 13, 2021
Specialty: Pediatrics
The new coronavirus pandemic has been responsible for more than... continue reading
Published Dec 21, 2020
Specialty: Cancer, Specialty: Cardiology and Heart Surgery, Specialty: Diabetes and Endocrinology, Specialty: ENT, Specialty: Gastroenterology and GI Surgery, Specialty: Gynecology, Specialty: Nephrology, Specialty: Neurology and Neurosurgery, Specialty: Orthopaedics, Specialty: Pediatrics, Specialty: Primary Care, Specialty: Psychiatry, Specialty: Pulmonary and Lung Surgery, Specialty: Rheumatology, Specialty: Urology
Louie the seahorse is back home in his 45-gallon saltwater... continue reading


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