UF Health researchers, collaborators get unprecedented view of gene therapy virus

By Doug Bennett • Sep 17, 2018 • Featured Articles, Lead Story

Researchers from University of Florida Health and the Salk Institute have obtained an unprecedented view of a gene-delivery virus, paving the way for further development of improved gene therapies. Using an imaging method known...

Novel drug inspired by a marine natural product offers new approach to treat pancreatic cancer

By Matthew Splett • Sep 10, 2018 • Featured Articles, Lead Story

A novel drug candidate based on a marine natural product discovered 20 years ago could be the basis for a new approach to treating pancreatic cancer, according to University of Florida researchers, who are continuing to evaluate...

Smartphone app empowers citizens to help in case of cardiac emergency, now available locally

By Tyler Francischine • Sep 5, 2018 • Video, Featured Articles, Lead Story

University of Florida Health officials and Alachua County and city of Gainesville emergency first responders announced the launch of a smartphone app that alerts citizens to a nearby cardiac emergency and empowers them to help,...

Small changes to football practices can yield large reduction in head impacts, UF Health researchers find

By Doug Bennett • Aug 23, 2018 • Lead Story

Shortening the time spent on the highest-risk football drills could reduce the equivalent of nearly a year’s worth of head impacts over the course of a typical player’s career, University of Florida Health researchers have found...

New gene therapy for inherited eye disorders found effective in animal model

By Doug Bennett • Aug 20, 2018 • Video, Featured Articles, Lead Story

A new gene therapy developed by University of Florida Health researchers stops vision loss and improves sight in dogs — a key step toward testing the treatment in people affected by a group of genetic eye disorders. The therapy...

Hope & Healing Blog

by Alisha Katz • Sep 10, 2018
Growing up in the South, Jacob Jones, 30, was raised on football. Jacob always committed himself physically and emotionally to the game that would...READ MORE

The POST Magazine

Recognizing Risks

May 2018

New program at UF Health assesses brain functions of older patients before surgery

Health In A Heartbeat

Work stress and the fluttering heart

Sep 19, 2018

A cranial-busting headache may be the smallest of health worries for anyone with an obnoxiously stressful job. But a bad job might be the cause of that unhealthy fluttering in your chest. A recent Swedish study said job stress may significantly elevate the risk of a worker developing atrial...

Animal Airwaves

What’s That Bump, And What Should I Do About It?

Sep 14, 2018

Have you noticed a lump or bump on your pet recently? Skin masses on dogs and cats can be perfectly benign…or they can be tumors that need immediate veterinary attention. On this show, Dr. Sandra Bechtel, a medical oncology specialist, will discuss common types of skin lumps found on pets.  She...