University of Florida and UF Health announce $12 million gift from Orlando business leader to launch brain tumor research initiative

By Steve Orlando • Feb 22, 2019 • Lead Story

The University of Florida has received a $12 million gift from Orlando hotel magnate Harris Rosen and The Harris Rosen Foundation to advance innovative brain tumor immunotherapy research and care at UF Health and to launch an...

New hepatitis C therapy effective, costs less for patients and payers, UF researchers find

By Meghan Meyer • Feb 21, 2019 • Video, Lead Story

Additional Video Available here: Patients who take new oral direct-acting antivirals for hepatitis C have lower risk for developing liver cancer and other health conditions, cost less...

Race of a lifetime: 74-year-old undergoes heart surgery at UF Health, then enters 5K race

By Bill Levesque • Feb 20, 2019 • Video, Featured Articles, Lead Story

Judy Jones was a little nervous telling her University of Florida Health surgeon about her ambitious goal. She underwent open heart surgery for a faulty heart valve on Sept. 7 of last year. Exactly eight weeks later, Judy planned...

University of Florida researchers develop artificial intelligence system for fast, accurate patient care

By Doug Bennett • Feb 18, 2019 • Video, Lead Story

In a hospital’s intensive care unit, doctors get a cascade of data about each patient’s condition that can be challenging to quickly organize and interpret. Now, University of Florida researchers have developed and successfully...

University of Florida veterinarians collaborate to save the eye of a rare okapi calf

By Sarah Carey • Feb 5, 2019 • Featured Articles, Lead Story

Six weeks after receiving a groundbreaking procedure performed by a University of Florida veterinarian to correct a rare eye abnormality, an endangered okapi calf is recuperating well at White Oak Conservation Foundation in Yulee...

Hope & Healing Blog

by Kelly Daly • Feb 7, 2019
Natalie Mangum was married to her husband, Mike, for five years when he woke up one day and said, “I want to move to Florida.” The idea of a cross-...READ MORE

The POST Magazine

Post Cover featuring a skull x-ray

A Life Transformed

February 2019

A Guatemalan teen with a birth defect receives lifesaving surgery at UF Health

Health In A Heartbeat

Quiet, please: Chronic noise bad for the heart

Feb 22, 2019

Shhhh! You’ll want to hear this: A life full of chronic noise is bad for your heart. Living in a noisy environment, such as near an airport or a busy highway, appears to hike the risk of heart attack or stroke. That’s according to preliminary research recently presented to the American Heart...

Animal Airwaves

Why Dietary Fiber Matters For Pet Health

Feb 22, 2019

Pet food advertising often emphasizes that dogs and cats are carnivores and should eat meat, but most pet foods — including those that emphasize meat as a prime ingredient — include some carbohydrate and fiber. We now recognize that fiber plays an important function in the intestine but...