New Florida law leads to decline in opioid use, according to UF study

By Matthew Splett • Feb 27, 2020 • Featured Articles, Lead Story

A 2018 Florida law restricting opioid prescriptions for acute pain has led to a drop in opioid use, according to a study published by researchers at the University of Florida. UF researchers found the number of new opioid users...

UF Health opens new center to help those with autism and neurodevelopmental disabilities

By Michelle Jaffee • Feb 20, 2020 • Lead Story

For more information, please contact Ken Garcia at or 352-273-9799. University of Florida Health today cut the ribbon on its new Center for Autism and Neurodevelopment, a multidisciplinary, collaborative facility...

Dr. Duane Mitchell talks to the audience at the Remission Summit

12 leading medical centers unite to form brain tumor research collaborative

By Todd Taylor • Feb 19, 2020 • Lead Story

Today, the UF Health-led ReMission Alliance Against Brain Tumors announced the names of 12 partner institutions from across the U.S. and Canada that are teaming up to develop novel treatments to vastly improve quality of life and...

Depression can be identified using gut bacteria, University of Florida Health researchers find

By Doug Bennett • Feb 13, 2020 • Lead Story

There’s a new ally in the effort to help people living with depression: gut bacteria. People with depression have distinct intestinal microbes that differ from those without the disorder, University of Florida Health researchers...

Christopher A. Harle named UF Health chief research information officer

Feb 3, 2020 • Faculty Profiles, Lead Story

Christopher A. Harle, Ph.D., has been named chief research information officer for UF Health. In this role, Dr. Harle will provide leadership around operations and governance of information technology that support research...

Hope & Healing Blog

by • Feb 21, 2020
In July 2019, staff wheeled Maurice (Moe) Ricks into surgery to prep him to receive a new heart and kidney, which were on a plane to Gainesville,...READ MORE

The POST Magazine

Moving Mountains

October 2019

All Andy needed was a chance, and a miracle

Health In A Heartbeat

Healthy diet may reduce risk of hearing loss

Feb 28, 2020

Listen up: Eating a healthy diet may reduce the risk of hearing loss. Researchers at Boston’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital examined data that tracked three-year changes in hearing sensitivities and 20 years of dietary information from women who were mainly in their 50s and early 60s. Those who...

Animal Airwaves

Veterinary Myths and Common Questions

Feb 28, 2020

True or false: If your dog has a warm nose, it must be sick. Go ahead and toss your pet those table scraps… no problem there! The fact is, lots of myths are out there on the Internet and as part of public lore. On this show, Dr. Amy Stone and Dr. Wendy Mandese, both of whom are primary care and...