Rendering of the Norman Fixel Institute for Neurological Diseases at UF Health

University of Florida and UF Health Announce $20 Million Gift from the Lauren and Lee Fixel Family Foundation

By Steve Orlando • Jan 17, 2019 • Video, Lead Story

Funds will help launch institute at UF Health for Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases The University of Florida and UF Health have received a $20 million gift from the Lauren and Lee Fixel Family Foundation that...

Discount stores’ tobacco sales tied to more women smoking while pregnant, UF Health study finds

By Doug Bennett • Jan 14, 2019 • Lead Story

Tobacco sales at two national dollar-store chains may have negatively impacted the smoking rate among pregnant women in the Southeast United States, University of Florida Health researchers have found. Smoking during pregnancy...

UF College of Veterinary Medicine to launch open heart program

By Sarah Carey • Jan 11, 2019 • Lead Story

The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine will launch an open heart surgery program for dogs later this year, becoming the only fully functional program of its kind in the United States and the only one to offer...

Daily aspirin use may do more harm than good for healthy people, UF Health researchers find

By Doug Bennett • Dec 17, 2018 • Lead Story

Among otherwise healthy people, a daily dose of aspirin does not save lives and causes additional bleeding, an analysis by University of Florida Health researchers has found. Their meta-analysis of 11 aspirin therapy clinical...

Gene therapy for heart, skeletal muscle disorder shows promise in preclinical model

By Doug Bennett • Dec 13, 2018 • Lead Story

Barth syndrome stalks young patients, weakening heart and skeletal muscles, stunting growth and shortening their lives. University of Florida Health researchers and their colleagues have now discovered a promising solution: a...

Hope & Healing Blog

by Lauren Irizarry • Dec 31, 2018
Now through midnight, Dec. 31, UF Health is holding its annual end-of-year giving campaign, “Give Hope. Spread Joy,” which asks donors to consider...READ MORE

The POST Magazine

When Less Oxygen Heals

November 2018

Novel spinal cord injury therapy put to the test

Health In A Heartbeat

Bad news for nose pickers: It spreads pneumonia bacteria

Jan 18, 2019

Scientists have finally put their finger on it: Picking your nose isn’t just a social flub, it also might be bad for your health. British researchers recently said they have shown that the pneumonia-causing pneumococcus bacteria can be transmitted between hand and nose. They say they are the first...

Animal Airwaves

Mitral Valve Repair in Dogs

Jan 18, 2019

The most common heart disease in dogs affects the left side of the heart and is known as degenerative mitral valve disease. Often associated with a heart murmur, this disease can lead over time to congestive heart failure. On this show, veterinary cardiology specialist Dr. Simon Swift will discuss...