Goldendoodle survives rare tumor after treatment by UF veterinarians

By Sarah Carey • Sep 24, 2020 • Lead Story

12-year-old female goldendoodle named Cello, who had a rare tumor so aggressive that it caused a life-threatening obstruction of major veins, is home in St. Petersburg recovering from surgery at the University of Florida College...

UF Health researchers look to smartwatch app to fend off pandemic face touching

By Bill Levesque • Sep 23, 2020 • Lead Story

Many Americans are simply touching their faces too often during the novel coronavirus pandemic, public health officials have observed, potentially increasing their exposure to the pathogen. But just try to stop. Face touching is...

Two medical professionals conduct Covid-19 tests.

UF Health Screen, Test & Protect unveils new saliva test to replace uncomfortable nasal swabs

By Bill Levesque • Sep 21, 2020 • Lead Story

It’s getting a lot easier and more comfortable to receive a novel coronavirus test at the University of Florida. The UF Health Screen, Test & Protect initiative on Saturday began offering saliva coronavirus testing for...

UF researchers find changing gut microbiota, taming inflammation may help battle colorectal cancer

By Marilee Griffin • Sep 21, 2020 • Lead Story

Colon cancer may be treated or even prevented by altering microorganisms in the intestine and by combating inflammation with a clinical treatment previously used to treat inflammatory bowel diseases, findings from a study...

UF neurosurgery chair elected president of Congress of Neurological Surgeons

By Michelle Jaffee • Sep 21, 2020 • Lead Story

University of Florida neurosurgery chair Brian Hoh, M.D., MBA, has been elected the 2020-21 president of the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, one of the largest international neurosurgical societies, with over 9,800 members....

Hope & Healing Blog

by Kyndal Rock • Sep 2, 2020
How 9-year-old Kendall Lewis navigates life with VACTERL association. If you ask 9-year-old Kendall “Miss K” Lewis how many surgeries she’s had in...READ MORE

The POST Magazine

Eternally Intertwined

August 2020

Husband, widow donate organs to same man 16 years apart.

Health In A Heartbeat

Less sugar, better exercise

Sep 25, 2020

By now, we’re familiar with how important exercise is, even if that doesn’t necessarily mean we enjoy doing it. But what if our diet made it easier for us to benefit from certain kinds of exercise? Researchers in Massachusetts may have some tips. A study published in Nature Metabolism suggests that...

Animal Airwaves

Fact or Fiction? Busting the Myths of Equine Health

Sep 25, 2020

Should horses be stabled in bad weather? Do horses really sleep standing up? Do horses have to go to the dentist?  Myths abound when it comes to equine health, and on this show, Dr. Sally DeNotta, UF’s equine extension specialist, will put to rest some of the common myths you may have heard – and...