Sleep medication use is dropping dramatically, study led by UF Health researcher shows

By Bill Levesque • Aug 10, 2022 • Lead Story

Americans aren’t turning to pharmaceutical options as often in the never-ending battle for a good night’s sleep. The use of medication to treat sleep disturbances has fallen dramatically in the United States in recent years after...

Umbilical cord lining cells in culture

UF Center for Regenerative Medicine recruiting for trial on potential therapy for autoimmune disorders

By Bill Levesque • Aug 2, 2022 • Lead Story

The University of Florida Center for Regenerative Medicine today announced the launch of a clinical trial to test safe dosages of umbilical cord-derived stem cells in the treatment of two debilitating autoimmune disorders. The...

UF biological scientist Helmut Hiller works in the lab for the highly successful Network for Pancreatic Organ donors with Diabetes, or nPOD. A new UF-based biobank of heart and kidney tissue to study diabetes will follow the nPOD model. (Photo by Jesse S. Jones.)

UF Diabetes Institute to establish novel biobank to study cardiovascular and kidney disease in diabetes

By Bill Levesque • Aug 1, 2022 • Lead Story

A major step toward transforming the understanding of cardiovascular and kidney disease in the millions of Americans with diabetes occurred Thursday when the National Institutes of Health designated the University of Florida...

UF Health Shands hospitals nationally ranked in 10 adult, pediatric medical specialties

By Doug Bennett • Jul 26, 2022 • Lead Story

University of Florida Health Shands Hospital once again has the most nationally recognized adult and pediatric specialties among Florida hospitals ranked by U.S. News & World Report. The 2022-23 Best Hospitals report released...

The 1.5-Tesla MRI-guided linear accelerator,

UF Health unveils imaging machine, one of 42 in world, to tackle difficult cancers

By Leah Buletti • Jul 21, 2022 • Lead Story

UF Health is now the first site in the southeastern United States to house a groundbreaking device that will provide personalized cancer treatment by combining extremely detailed magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, with precision...

Hope & Healing Blog

by Talal Elmasry • Jun 30, 2022
For Janet, 78, the uncontrollable shaking was causing her frustration to boil over. The only silver lining was that her identical twin sister, Janis...READ MORE

The POST Magazine

The POST-Spring

Spring 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic exploded across the globe, everything changed. One year later, we’re all adjusting to the new normal. Workers from across UF Health share the lessons they’ve learned during this trying time. See their stories and other important news from UF Health in this edition of The POST.

Health In A Heartbeat

40-year-olds are a sleepy bunch

Aug 15, 2022

The things we do for a good night’s sleep. We count sheep and avoid looking at the alarm clock. We buy expensive pillows to cradle our noggins. And you can get a decent used car for the cost of the high-end mattresses some of us own. Still, surveys show that most Americans aren’t getting enough...

Animal Airwaves

Archive from Jan. 21, 2022: “Wild Eyes: Vision Issues in Exotic Species

Aug 12, 2022

All animal species can experience certain types of eye disease, but in exotic or wild animals, the diagnosis and treatment eye problems can be difficult, even for highly trained veterinary ophthalmologists. The explosion in popularity of exotic animals as pets, coupled with the need for improved...