Beads coated with hundreds of thousands of drug-like molecules encoded with DNA barcodes are sorted with a laser.

UF Scripps researcher’s drug-discovery method shows promise against aggressive breast cancer

By Doug Bennett • May 12, 2022 • Lead Story

UF Scripps Biomedical Research scientist Matthew Disney, Ph.D. has found yet another groundbreaking approach to a problem that has long vexed scientists: How to cure diseases by targeting key RNA. Until now, RNA has been an...

UF study: Post-COVID mortality risk may be caused by effects of high inflammation during illness

By Jill Pease • May 12, 2022 • Lead Story

A University of Florida study sheds new light on the reason people who recover from a bout of severe COVID-19 are still at increased risk for death in the year after their recovery. The culprit may be high levels of inflammation...

UF Health Shands Hospital named among Best Maternity Hospitals 2022 by Newsweek, Statista

By Danielle Ivanov • May 11, 2022 • Lead Story

UF Health Shands Hospital has been recognized among the nation’s elite facilities in maternal care excellence, according to the Best Maternity Hospitals 2022 list by Newsweek and Statista. Announced today, only the top 5.8% of...

UF researchers evaluate how to improve dignity for seriously ill patients

By Diana Tonnessen • May 11, 2022 • Lead Story

Hearing that you have a life-threatening illness can be physically and emotionally challenging. And while great strides have been made in helping people with a terminal illness manage their physical symptoms toward the end of...

UF veterinary students gain shelter medicine skills through clerkship

By Sarah Carey • May 9, 2022 • Video, Lead Story

Thanks to a collaboration between the University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine and Alachua County, students at the college have gained an opportunity for hands-on learning in the field of shelter medicine...

Hope & Healing Blog

by Talal Elmasry • Apr 1, 2022
Matt Benavidez gazes at the exact spot in the road where he was pronounced dead. He stands at an intersection that’s ground zero for the collision...READ MORE

The POST Magazine

The POST-Spring

Spring 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic exploded across the globe, everything changed. One year later, we’re all adjusting to the new normal. Workers from across UF Health share the lessons they’ve learned during this trying time. See their stories and other important news from UF Health in this edition of The POST.

Health In A Heartbeat

Study: Darkness as we sleep is the heart’s friend

May 18, 2022

The human body is tuned to the rotation of planet Earth, our cells responding to the passage from darkness to sunlight like the petals of a flower unfolding to an inviting sky. Our circadian rhythm prepares us for the day by adjusting hormone levels and blood pressure, among other changes, as we...

Animal Airwaves

Helping the animal victims of the war in Ukraine

May 17, 2022

The war in Ukraine is a tragedy for humans and animals alike. As people escape their homes to save their lives, many are taking their beloved pets with them. For the pets left behind — not to mention livestock, zoo animals and others — the future is often bleak. That’s why veterinarians and their...