Ushering in a new era for UF Health and Shriners Hospitals for Children

By Tyler Francischine • Nov 13, 2019 • Lead Story

UF Health and Shriners Hospitals for Children have forged a unique relationship that will have a meaningful impact for children with musculoskeletal problems. The two institutions announced in October that Shriners Hospitals for...

UF study finds FDA strategy cuts fetal exposure to harmful immunosuppressive drug, but risks remain

By Matthew Splett • Nov 6, 2019 • Lead Story

Online version with high-res image available here: University of Florida researchers...

UF Health researchers launch trial involving gut bacteria’s role in Type 1 diabetes

By Bill Levesque • Nov 4, 2019 • Lead Story

Graciela Lorca, Ph.D., was part of a University of Florida Health research team that discovered about a decade ago that something was amiss in the guts of diabetic rats. Their intestinal tracts, which like humans are teaming with...

Two men sitting in chairs side by side and smiling

University of Florida Health patient is first in the state to get new pain relief implant

By Doug Bennett • Oct 28, 2019 • Lead Story

For decades, chronic back pain dominated Felix Favicchio’s life. On most nights, sleep came fitfully. Simply lying in bed brought searing torment. His days weren’t much better. “On a good day, I would try to get up and do...

teen patient standing with hands on his hips like a super hero in a grassy area with trees in the background

Teen in need of a new heart comes to UF Health, his last resort for survival

By Bill Levesque • Oct 23, 2019 • Video, Lead Story

Few patients were as sick as teenager Andy Herrera when he arrived at UF Health Shands Children’s Hospital in early 2018 for a heart transplant. He was on a type of heart-bypass that took over the functions of his heart for more...

Hope & Healing Blog

by • Nov 12, 2019
By K.E. Hitchcock, MD PhD for the UF Hope and Healing Blog Survival rates in cancer worldwide have been improving for the last 40 years, but some...READ MORE

The POST Magazine

Moving Mountains

October 2019

All Andy needed was a chance, and a miracle

Health In A Heartbeat

Older Americans sicker than their peers around the world

Nov 15, 2019

As Americans, we like to think of ourselves as leading the world in practically everything, but here’s one list we’d be better off not topping: Senior citizens here are sicker than their counterparts in 10 other high-income nations. To make matters worse, they face greater financial challenges...

Animal Airwaves

Lumps and Bumps in Your Pet: What Cells Can Tell

Nov 15, 2019

If you’ve ever found lumps and bumps on your pet’s skin, chances are you’ve felt concern — even alarm. However, most of these types of growths will prove to be benign, or non-cancerous. Even so, an unusual or fast-appearing skin abnormality in your pet deserves your attention, and should be...