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UF Health diabetes researchers discover way to expand potent regulatory cells

By Doug Bennett • Mar 21, 2017

For parents, storing their newborn baby’s umbilical cord blood is a way to preserve potentially lifesaving cells. Now, a group of University of Florida Health researchers has found a way to expand and preserve certain cord-blood...

Drug trio shows effectiveness against deadly type of breast cancer in mouse model

By Doug Bennett • Mar 21, 2017

A three-drug combination has almost completely suppressed the deadliest type of breast cancer during testing in mouse models, according to a group that includes a University of Florida Health researcher. Triple-negative breast...

Mobile health apps show promise for improving health outcomes

By Jill Pease • Mar 16, 2017

Consumers and health providers have their pick of thousands of health apps and programs delivered via mobile devices, but there has been little information available on how effective they are at improving users’ health. Now,...

Harrell Medical Education Building

UF College of Medicine holds strong in annual rankings

By Doug Bennett • Mar 13, 2017

The University of Florida College of Medicine has maintained its historically high standing in the U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings of the nation’s top medical schools. The UF College of Medicine held firm in its No...

New book offers secrets for better living and tips for patients coping with Tourette syndrome

By Michelle Jaffee • Mar 1, 2017

A new book edited by a University of Florida researcher is being released today and offers guidance, medical insights and hope to patients and families of patients with Tourette syndrome, or TS. The neurological disorder causes...

Hope & Healing Blog

by • Jan 30, 2017
It’s the same song and dance every year – making a list of resolutions for the upcoming new year with the goal of checking every item off the list by...READ MORE

On The Same Page

Innovation in Cardiovascular Surgery for Mitral Valve Disease

Mar 2, 2017

Robert Kuemmerlein suffered from progressively worsening shortness of breath, even when engaged in simple activities like walking to the mailbox or going up a few stairs. He also had trouble sleeping. These symptoms were caused by congestive heart failure due to damage of the aortic and mitral... Read More

The POST Magazine

A hero for shelter animals

February 2017

Follow a hectic day helping pets and people with Natalie Isaza, D.V.M., the American Humane Association’s 2016 Hero Veterinarian

Health In A Heartbeat

Racial discrimination is more than skin deep

Mar 23, 2017

What are the effects of racial discrimination? Entire disciplines are dedicated to studying its impact on society as a whole, how marginalizing an entire population based on their skin color minimizes their contributions and value. But what happens to a person on an individual and even genetic...

Animal Airwaves

A cat’s breath away from a diagnosis

Mar 1, 2017

As befits a carnivore through and through, a cat’s breath isn’t expected to be fresh as a daisy. But breath that’s especially pungent may be sending medical signals. The most common cause of halitosis in cats is oral bacteria, which mixes with plaque to cause dental disease. But problems affecting...