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Exercise releases hormone that helps shed, prevent fat

By Doug Bennett • Sep 28, 2016

If a workout feels like more pain than gain, here’s some motivation: Exercise releases a hormone that helps the body shed fat and keeps it from forming. A group led by a University of Florida Health researcher has learned more...

UF researchers find long-term heavy alcohol use, older adults don’t mix

By Morgan Sherburne • Sep 23, 2016

It might not be surprising news that a night of heavy drinking impacts a person’s short-term memory, but University of Florida researchers have found that older adults’ mental abilities are more affected by heavy drinking than...

UF Health researcher investigates natural treatment for liver cancer

By Matthew Splett • Sep 12, 2016

A UF Health researcher is studying a natural therapy for treating liver cancer, one of the leading causes of cancer-related deaths in the world. Thomas Schmittgen, Ph.D., a professor of pharmaceutics in the University of Florida...

Fentanyl-related overdose deaths have increased rapidly in Florida since 2010

By Elizabeth Hillaker Downs • Aug 26, 2016

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Florida has seen a sharp increase in fentanyl-related overdose deaths over the past five years, according to UF Health researchers who co-authored a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report out on...

Veterinary Medicine professor receives key award from international group

By Sarah Carey • Aug 26, 2016

Nancy Denslow, Ph.D., a professor of environmental toxicology at the University of Florida, has received a key award from an international professional group for her scientific achievements. Denslow, who holds a joint appointment...

Hope & Healing Blog

by Amanda Austin • Sep 23, 2016
Vaughn Thornton geared up for a leisurely Sunday afternoon ride in early 2016. “It was what people would call a chamber of commerce kind of day-80...READ MORE

On The Same Page

Augmenting Cognitive Training in Older Adults: The “ACT Study”

Sep 29, 2016

Have you sometimes forgotten a phone number, walked to another room to complete an errand but forgotten what it was while walking, or failed to notice a car approaching until it was right next to you? Occasional lapses in memory and attention may not seem significant when we’re young, but we might... Read More

The POST Magazine

From the depths of the mind

September 2016

How UF researchers have turned 3-D-printed dreams into research realities

Health In A Heartbeat

Single, working moms carry stressed hearts

Sep 30, 2016

Being a mother is a difficult job. But being a single, working mother can make things even more demanding — as well as add a burden on your heart health. Dutch researchers have found that single, working mothers have a greater risk of stroke and heart disease than married mothers with jobs. For the...

Animal Airwaves

AA Live-Heat Stroke in Dogs

Sep 3, 2016

Dogs rely on different ways to cool their bodies than people do; they don’t sweat, for example, they pant. Under certain circumstances, these mechanisms prove ineffective, causing the risk of overheating. On Animal Airwaves-Live tomorrow, Dr. Alex Lynch, an emergency and critical care specialist,...