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One in five older adults experience brain network weakening following knee replacement surgery

By Jill Pease • Feb 6, 2018 • Lead Story

A new University of Florida study finds that 23 percent of adults age 60 and older who underwent a total knee replacement experienced a decline in activity in at least one region of the brain responsible for specific cognitive...

Teen’s battle to stay alive for transplant inspires family, friends, strangers

By Alisha Katz • Feb 5, 2018 • Lead Story

Andy Herrera Reyes mustered his strength and sat up in bed on Monday morning. That alone would not be considered a big moment in the life of a typical 13-year-old, but this simple act was a test of sheer willpower, and Andy is...

Risk-sharing contracts could limit rising U.S. drug costs

By Matthew Splett • Jan 30, 2018 • Lead Story

Public outrage over rising drug prices is leading pharmaceutical manufacturers, health insurers and patients to join forces in sharing the financial risks involved with unproven, expensive new medications. University of Florida...

Photo of Keith L. March, M.D., Ph.D. sitting next to a fancy microscope

UF launches new Center for Regenerative Medicine

By Bill Levesque • Jan 22, 2018 • Lead Story

The University of Florida has launched a Center for Regenerative Medicine to develop lifesaving therapies “to heal the body from within” using stem cells that repair damaged tissue and organs. The center is led by Keith L. March...

Photo of a fancy digital scale with curled tailor's tape on top of it

Study suggests weight maintenance period after weight loss is much shorter than hoped

By Jill Pease • Jan 17, 2018 • Lead Story

It’s a new year and you’re trying to live up to your resolution to drop a few pounds. So far, so good — you’re following a weight-loss program and your clothes are fitting better at last. But just how long will you be able to...

Hope & Healing Blog

by Billie Arnett • Feb 7, 2018
From Feb. 7 to 14, UF Health recognizes Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week, to raise awareness of the most common type of birth defect found in...READ MORE

On The Same Page

The UF Preeminence Initiative: Progress Report for UF Health

Feb 16, 2018

On April 22, 2013, a bill to elevate the national stature of Florida’s public universities, which garnered strong bipartisan support in the state Legislature, was signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott. This bill, SB 1076, conferred “preeminent” status to a university if it achieved at least 11 of 12 “... Read More

The POST Magazine

Songs from the Heart

January 2018

UF Health Shands Arts in Medicine artist-in-residence creates album with pediatric patients

Health In A Heartbeat

Being married may help block dementia

Feb 19, 2018

Here’s a news flash for people who complain that listening to their spouse chatter on and on is making them lose their minds: A new analysis shows just the opposite is true. Being married may lower your risk of dementia compared with being single for life or widowed, British researchers say. Their...

Animal Airwaves

Keeping outdoor cats comfy in winter

Feb 2, 2018

Try as you might, does your cat refuse to live inside? If so, here are some ways to keep your feline friend safe during the winter. Once temperatures fall into the low 40s, extra shelter is a must. Start with a ready-made pet house or a wooden box, and insulate it with foam board or blankets. Then...