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UF veterinary college names 2015 Distinguished Award winners

By Sarah Carey • May 26, 2015

Veterinarians focusing on areas ranging from community outreach to public health, higher education leadership, horse health and technical training have been named recipients of the University of Florida College of Veterinary...

Embedded geriatrics consults mean healthier patients, according to UF Health study

By Morgan Sherburne • May 15, 2015

When older adults have access to a geriatrician in the hospital, they are much less likely to die and more frequently leave the hospital healthier, according to a study UF Health researchers presented today (May 15) at the annual...

Prominent Alzheimer’s disease researcher joins McKnight Brain Institute, department of neurology

By Doug Bennett • May 14, 2015

Steven T. DeKosky, M.D., an international leader in Alzheimer’s disease research, has been named deputy director of the Evelyn F. and William L. McKnight Brain Institute of the University of Florida and a professor of neurology...

Altered bacteria may reduce inflammation and alleviate inflammatory bowel diseases

By Morgan Sherburne • Apr 23, 2015

An imbalance of bacteria in the gut can cause inflammation, a driver of conditions such as colitis, Crohn’s disease and colon cancer. Now University of Florida Health scientists, in collaboration with researchers from North...

Veterinary hospital chief of staff named associate dean for clinical services

By Sarah Carey • Apr 21, 2015

Dana N. Zimmel, D.V.M., an equine medicine specialist and the University of Florida Veterinary Hospitals’ chief of staff, has been named associate dean for clinical services and chief medical officer at the UF College of...


Health risks in hiding

April 2015

At UF Health, researchers are uncovering how factors seemingly unrelated to health and wellness actually play a big role in people’s health and lives. Building an understanding of these social determinants of health could help scientists improve health across populations

Older issues from the POST:

Health In A Heartbeat

Salt no longer off the table for older adults

May 26, 2015

For older adults, a little salt may not be such a big deal. A new study has found that eating some salt every day doesn’t raise the risk of heart disease among seniors. An Emory University study published in an American Medical Association journal found that eating salt every day didn’t contribute...

Animal Airwaves

Containing a flood of worry

May 1, 2015

Natural disasters can be terrifying when you’re responsible for your horse’s safety as well as your own. With flooding, preparedness and planning can mean the difference between life and death. Practice loading your horse and driving the trailer before disaster strikes. Fill a waterproof kit in...

On The Same Page

The Power of Together

May 21, 2015

Forward Together was the first strategic plan for UF Health, the University of Florida’s academic health center. Published on May 20, 2010, Forward Together has served as our roadmap in serving the education, research and service missions of the University of Florida. The fundamental idea was that... Read More