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Provider’s preference for pain therapy can influence patient’s results, UF researchers find

By Jill Pease • Jun 21, 2017 • Lead Story

A health care provider’s beliefs about a particular treatment may have a strong influence on the patient’s outcome, according to a new University of Florida study that evaluated people undergoing treatment for short-term low back...

Dual-lead deep brain stimulation shows benefit in treating severe MS tremor

By Michelle Jaffee • Jun 19, 2017 • Lead Story

Multiple sclerosis patients with severe, treatment-resistant tremors may gain marked improvement from deep brain stimulation surgery, or DBS, in which two DBS leads are implanted in the side of the brain opposite the tremor,...

Larry D. Waldrop, M.D., on the right, and a surgical technician work during the opening minutes of a May 31 shoulder replacement surgery for Mercia Reid, 74, a Gainesville woman with severe arthritis. The surgery involved a new technology allowing computer-assisted navigation of the patient’s shoulder using CT scan images.

UF Health surgeon performs first-of-its-kind computer-assisted surgery in U.S. using new technology

By Bill Levesque • Jun 15, 2017 • Lead Story

A University of Florida Health orthopaedic surgeon is one of two nationally to perform the first computer-assisted shoulder replacement surgery in the U.S. using a new technology allowing live navigation of the operative site....

Sspiky, ball-shaped viruses

Altered virus may expand patient recruitment in human gene therapy trials, researchers find

By Doug Bennett • Jun 13, 2017 • Lead Story

For a video about how viruses and gene therapy work, visit To learn more about UF Health researcher Mavis Agbandje-McKenna, Ph.D., go to  For many patients, participating in gene...

Pulmonary hypertension drug shows promise for possible new use: preventing brain damage after stroke

By Michelle Jaffee • Jun 7, 2017 • Featured Articles, Lead Story

A drug already approved for use in humans to treat pulmonary hypertension now shows promise in an animal model for protecting against brain damage and neurological impairment following stroke, University of Florida researchers...

Hope & Healing Blog

by Alisha Kinman • May 12, 2017
Monitoring our tiniest patients within hospital walls and beyond. David “Jackson” Rodes was born on April 8 to Ashley DuBois and David Rodes of...READ MORE

On The Same Page

Part 1 – The Market for Health Care Services

Jun 21, 2017

In the ongoing national debate concerning health care, there is often a statement that goes something like this: "Increased free-market competition will reduce cost, improve consumer choice and enhance quality." Markets for goods and services are at the core of our capitalist economy. Thus, on the... Read More

The POST Magazine

Helpful Habits

May - June 2017

UF Researchers using new strategies to tackle Alzheimer's and other memory disorders.

Health In A Heartbeat

Hand sanitizer misuse dangerous for kids

Jun 23, 2017

Hand sanitizer, a flu-season must-have for parents desperate to help their sniffle-prone children ward off sickness, can pose some dangers itself if it is misused. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highlighted this growing problem in a recent report that said the most prevalent problem...

Animal Airwaves

Doing your due diligence fighting heartworms

May 1, 2017

It’s mosquito season, which recalls the life-threatening effects of heartworm disease. So if you’re the parent of a dog, cat or ferret, listen up. Adult heartworms living inside dogs or wild canids—that is, their natural hosts—produce offspring that travel in the blood. Feeding mosquitoes ingest...