Heart Transplant Surgery

Heart transplantation is an open-heart surgery that requires several hours.  Your child will be monitored by the anesthesiologist during the procedure to make sure he/she feels no pain. After surgery your child will be taken to the Pediatric ICU on the 10th floor where you will be able to visit.  In the PICU, your child will be monitored very closely 24 hours a day. We try to limit the number of visitors during his/her stay to immediate family members because the risk of infection is high after surgery. Remember, your child has just undergone a complex surgery and was under anesthesia for a long time so he/she will be very groggy and may not be aware of what is going on. Your child will be connected to multiple machines by several tubes and monitors. As your child progresses after surgery, the number of tubes and monitors will slowly be removed. Once your child is less restricted he/she will gradually sit up and move around.  We will encourage physical therapy to assist your child to increase his/her mobility, strength, and endurance.  Your child may receive tube feedings if he/she is not able to take formula or food in a few days.