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Placement Interview Schedule

New Volunteers, Summer 2014

Thank you for your interest in our volunteer summer program. You will be able to sign-up for an interview placement appointment on Tuesday, May 13th at 9:00 online by visiting the Volunteer Information Center (VIC).

Service Area Date Day Time
Clinics 5/27/14 Tuesday 12:30pm
Clinics 5/29/14 Thursday 10:00am
Clinics 5/30/14 Friday 2:30pm
Dental 5/20/14 Tuesday 12:30pm
Dental 5/27/14 Tuesday 10:00am
ED 5/19/14 Monday 10:00am
ED 5/29/14 Thursday 3:30pm
ED 5/30/14 Friday 10:00am
Labs 5/22/14 Thursday 10:00am
Nursing 5/19/14 Monday 2:30pm
Nursing 5/22/14 Thursday 12:30pm
Nursing 5/23/14 Friday 10:00am
Nursing 5/27/14 Tuesday 2:30pm
Pediatrics 5/19/14 Monday 12:30pm
Pediatrics 5/22/14 Thursday 2:30pm
Pediatrics 5/28/14 Wednesday 10:00am
Pediatrics 5/30/14 Friday 12:30pm
Pharmacy 5/20/14 Tuesday 2:30pm
Pharmacy 5/28/14 Wednesday 12:30pm
Psych 5/21/14 Wednesday 10:00am
Radiology 5/21/14 Wednesday 12:30pm
Radiology 5/23/14 Friday 12:30pm
Rehab 5/20/14 Tuesday 10:00am
Rehab 5/21/14 Wednesday 2:30pm
Rehab 5/28/14 Wednesday 2:30pm