Poison Control Center - Emergency Telephone Number

For Poisoning Emergencies Call:

1-800-222-1222 V/TTY

Florida USVI Poison Information Center Jacksonville (FPIC/Jax)

The Florida/USVI Poison Information Center/Jacksonville (FPIC/Jax) is a 24-hour poison emergency treatment and information resource for health care professionals and the public in the northern and eastern coastal counties of Florida. It is one of three Centers comprising the Florida Poison Information Center Network, and one of 57 Poison Control Centers in the United States.

The center, located at Shands Jacksonville Medical Center, is certified by the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) as a regional poison center and serves a population of approximately six million people. FPIC/Jax is a cooperative effort between the University of Florida College of Medicine, Shands Jacksonville, The University of Florida Health Science Center/Jacksonville, and the Children's Medical Services, State of Florida Department of Health.

Service Areas

  • The center provides emergency medical diagnostic, triage and management for lay public and health care professionals in 42 counties of northern/eastern coastal sections of Florida and the U.S. Virgin Islands.
  • The center houses the only Clinical Toxicology Fellowship in the State and provides lay public and health professional education to the area it serves.