Ovulation Induction

Ovulation induction can be used for restoration of normal ovulation in women with chronic anovulation or it can be used to enhance pregnancy rates in ovulatory women with various infertility factors.

Injection for infertility treatmentsFor the latter, the term “superovulation” is often used since the goal is to stimulate more than one mature follicle or egg. Superovulation is often combined with intrauterine insemination in unexplained infertility or in infertility associated with endometriosis or male infertility.

For anovulatory patients depending on the condition either clomiphene citrate (Clomid), letrozole (Femara) or injectable gonadotropin preparations can be utilized. Our ovulation induction consent form for these treatments reviews the process and potential complications such as multiple pregnancy incidence with these medications. Although the goal is simple, these various treatment modalities are complex and require careful monitoring to maximize pregnancy rates while minimizing any complications such as ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome and high-order multiple pregnancy. UF Health reproductive medicine physicians, as board certified reproductive endocrinology & infertility specialists, are recognized experts in implementing and using these therapies.