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Thank you for your interest in our research study!

Dr. Matthew Gurka and his team from the University of Florida are seeking women who are currently pregnant or women who care for young children under the age of 10 to participate in a focus group.

These focus groups will be available online through Zoom.

These focus groups will help plan for a national study that seeks to explore the effects of stressful events in early childhood on brain development and behavior.

Women with and without a history of stress and/or substance abuse may qualify.

If you are interested in participating, please use the links below to learn more and see if you qualify.

Please feel free to reach out directly to Mana Rose who can help answer your questions about the study.

Learn more using the links below

About the study

This focus group is part of a large national project that hopes to help babies and children of mothers who use opioids during pregnancy. You can read more about the project here.

In order to complete this large study, we need to first talk to pregnant women and caregivers in focus groups.

Women with and without a history of stress and/or substance abuse may qualify to participate in these focus groups.

We are asking all pregnant women and caregivers who wish to give their feedback on stress, childhood development and general challenges when pregnant and caring for a child to participate.

The focus groups are a safe, confidential place for you to share your thoughts with the study team.

These focus groups will be available online through Zoom.

The information from these focus groups will help Dr. Gurka and his team understand the challenges that mothers and caregivers face and how they might recruit pregnant women and caregivers who are opioid users for their larger study.

In addition to the focus group, participants will also be asked to complete telephone interviews and surveys.

Who can participate?

Women ages 18 - 55 years old who:

  • Are able to read, write and speak in English
  • Are currently pregnant OR
  • Care for a child under the age of 10 years old
  • The study team will discuss additional criteria with you.

How to participate

If you are interested in learning more about the study and seeing if you are eligible, please reach out directly to Mana Rose:


18 to 65
65 and over



Monetary compensation


Can be done from home



Pregnant, Pregnancy care

Principal Investigator

Matthew Gurka, PhD


Health Outcomes & Biomedical Informatics

Contact Information

352-627- 9144

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