A Well-Controlled, Fixed-Dose Study of TEV-50717 (Deutetrabenazine) for the Treatment of Tics Associated with Tourette Syndrome


If your child (ages 6-16) have been diagnosed with Tourette syndrome you may be eligible to take part in a research study of an experimental drug called TEV-50717, which is being developed as a treatment for tics associated with Tourette syndrome in children and adolescents.


If your child (ages 6-16) is eligible and you choose for your child to take part in this study, your child will be randomly assigned to either the TEV-50717 study treatment group or the placebo (an inactive substance that looks identical to TEV-50717) study treatment group.

Your child will have one in three (or 33%) chance of receiving high-dose of TEV50717 (the "active drug"), one in three (or 33%) chance of receiving low-dose of TEV50717 and one in three (or 33%) chance of receiving placebo. Which study treatment your child receives is decided at random by a computer (purely by chance, like the tossing of a coin).

Visits, procedures and eligibility can be explained by the study team. Please contact Derek Ridgeway for more information: 





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Tourette Syndrome, Neurology

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Irene Andonia C. Malaty, MD



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