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UF Health Gainesville Billing

There are two major components in our billing system- physician charges and hospital charges. You may receive separate bills for services received at UF Health, one for physician fees from UF Health Physicians (UFHP) and one for hospital fees from UF Health Shands. Contact the UF Health Customer Service department with questions or concerns you have about your billing statements.

UF Health Shands Billing Statement

Your hospital bill will include all of the facility charges for treatment and services rendered to you at one of our UF Health Shands locations. Examples of such services are but not limited to: cost of your room, meals, 24-hour nursing care, laboratory work, tests, medication, therapy and the services of hospital employees. This bill does not include physician charges involved in your care such as: personal physician, surgeon, anesthesiologist, pathologist, emergency physicians, radiologist, or other physician consultants. You will receive a separate bill from UF Health Physicians (UFHP) for these services.

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Payment Options

Pay your Hospital bill online

UF Health Physicians Billing Statement

Your physician bill will include all of your doctor office services as well as physician services rendered at any of our UF Health locations.

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Payment Options

Pay your University of Florida Health Physicians bill online

IMPROVING YOUR UF HEALTH EXPERIENCE: Watch for some exciting new changes happening at UF Health. Based on your feedback, we will be launching a single patient statement later this year combining both your hospital and physician charges in a user-friendly statement design. And that’s just the beginning. 

Customer Service Information

If you have further questions and/ or need assistance with paying your bill(s) please contact the UF Health Customer Service Department at:

Pay Your Bill

All patients are responsible for balances due on their accounts, and payments are due upon receipt of the bill. UF Health employs third-party collection agencies to help us resolve unpaid balances.

To ensure that the billing process goes smoothly, please:

  • Provide a current phone number, address and most recent insurance information.
  • Understand your insurance benefits, limitations and procedures.
  • Be prepared to make payment at the time of service for copays and non-covered services if your insurance company requires a copay or out-of-pocket expense like deductibles and coinsurances.

Pay by Cash

  • Please come visit our customer service representatives located at UF Health Patient Financial services: 4024 NW 22nd Drive Gainesville, FL. 32605

Pay by Check or Money Order

UF Health Shands Hospital Bill
Make checks payable to:
UF Health Shands Hospital
PO Box 100005
Atlanta, GA. 30384-0005 

UF Health Physicians Bill
Make Check Payable to:
PO Box 16030
Lewiston, ME 04243-9508