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Saving time in an emergency situation is often the difference between life and death. For some of the thousands of patients referred to UF Health Shands Hospital each year, intensive care given at outside hospitals and en route by the ShandsCair flight team makes the difference.

For the ShandsCair Critical Care Transport Program, the combination of intensive care and rapid transportation has helped link referring physicians to tertiary care being rendered in the emergency room and intensive care units at UF Health Shands Hospital. The program includes five helicopters, a fixed-wing jet, two medical discharge vans and nine ground ambulances.

ShandsCair is the critical care transport system of UF Health Shands Hospital. The ShandsCair team strives to deliver excellence in patient care during transport, using specialized teams, vehicles and equipment in a safe, cost-effective manner with the goal of improving patient outcome. ShandsCair provides transport and specialized care by way of fixed-wing aircraft, helicopter and ground ambulance. The ShandsCair helicopter typically transports patients from pre-hospital scenes within a 75-mile radius. Community hospital emergency rooms and ICU’s up to a 185-mile radius are also serviced by helicopter. Fixed-wing service range is a 1,500-statute mile radius and covers the eastern United States with international access to Canada and Central America. Care is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is coordinated through the ShandsCair Communication Center by the program’s Communication/Transportation Specialists.

ShandsCair bases are located in Gainesville, Summerfield, Perry, Panama City, and Milton, Florida.

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