Endovascular Neurosurgery

Endovasular Neurosurgery, also known as Interventional Neuroradiology, is a sub-specialty of radiology and neurosurgery. The term endovascular means “inside a blood vessel.”

Doctors that specialize in endovascular neurosurgery use tools that pass through blood vessels to diagnose and treat diseases and conditions rather than using open surgery. These tools include radiology images that allow the doctor to see the part of the body involved in the procedure. Doctors in this specialty may also diagnose and treat spinal cord conditions using similar techniques.

Physicians who specialize in endovascular neurosurgery require training in both radiology and neurology or neurosurgery. After completing a radiology residency, they continue on to complete a fellowship in interventional neuroradiology. Radiologists may be board certified in neuroradiology through the American Board of Radiology.



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