Stereotactic radiosurgery - CyberKnife: Approach to Care

Drs. William Friedman and Frank BovaNearly 20 years ago, a team of neurosurgeons, radiation physicists and radiation oncologists at UF Health established one of the first radiosurgical centers in the country. Dedicated to refining their dose planning tools, techniques and skills, they designed and developed the Linac Scalpel, a precision radiosurgical instrument that delivers a high dose of radiation to intracranial targets. Since that time, the team has treated more than 2,200 patients.

Today, UF Health offers its patients the latest version of radiosurgical care, the Trilogy Stereotactic System. By using the Trilogy System as well as its other patented devices, UF Health offers an advanced approach to cancer treatment and care.

The Trilogy System and other powerful radiosurgical equipment available at UF Health,  such as the Trilogy System is powerful, and it can deliver radiotherapy doses at least 60 percent faster than conventional accelerators. This shortens the length of time patients need to spend undergoing treatment. In addition, the radiation beam is highly precise, allowing treatments to be delivered with unprecedented accuracy.

How It Works

Radiosurgical treatment is built around an advanced medical linear accelerator and delivers treatments from many angles. Sophisticated technologies shape the radiation beam so that the dose of radiation is limited to the region of abnormality and does not affect normal tissues. By changing the beam shape over time while delivering the radiation, doctors achieve very fine control over how, and where, the radiation is administered.

Patient Benefits

  • Through more precise targeting of the beam, radiosurgery can be more effective in treating disease while simultaneously reducing side effects of the treatment
  • Due to the increased accuracy and power, smaller lesions can be treated more quickly, easily, and effectively

Physician Benefits

  • The Trilogy system and its accessories can shape a beam very precisely, with sub-millimeter accuracy. In addition to the precision of its beam, Trilogy offers the highest dose rates available, to deliver a potent punch of radiation in a short amount of time. This combination of precision and power allows Trilogy to reduce both treatment times and side effects.
  • Doctors have the option to treat small lesions using stereotactic radiosurgery, which is delivered in a single treatment.