Patient Information

Welcome to Gainesville! UF Health Shands Hospital, an academic medical center affiliated with the University of Florida College of Medicine, cares for patients from around the world. Physicians practicing at UF Health Shands Hospital are UF College of Medicine faculty.

What to Expect

Appointments at the UF Health Aortic Disease Center are held at UF Health Surgical Specialists - Heart & Vascular Hospital, located on the first floor.

Before your visit

Before your appointment at the UF Health Aortic Disease Center, our physicians will want to review your medical records, any medications you are taking, and your lab results and any imaging studies done. Once your physician has decided they would like you to be seen by our multidisciplinary team and your clinic appointment has been scheduled, you will need to have your records sent to us. Our Aortic Disease Center patient care coordinators will follow up with you about the status of your records and answer any questions you may have about what you need to send and where to send them.

Our physicians may request that you have additional testing done to help them better understand your condition and determine what may be the best treatment options for you. Our Aortic Disease Center patient care coordinators will arrange for you to have these tests done prior to your clinic visit with us that day. They will contact you to confirm the appointments you have scheduled with us on the day of your visit and will provide directions on where to go for each of those appointments.

During your visit

If our physicians requested that you have additional testing done prior to your clinic visit, our Aortic Disease Center patient care coordinators will have arranged those for you and notified you where you need to be at what times prior to your clinic visit with us that day.

During your clinic appointment, you will meet with a nurse and sometimes a medical resident or fellow who will ask you for needed information prior to being seen by one of our Aortic Disease Center physicians.

When the physician sees you, they will review your medical records, your medical history, imaging studies you had done and perform a physical exam if needed. They will then take the time to discuss the anatomy of the aorta with you and show you which part of your aorta is being affected by your aortic condition. Your doctor will explain the treatment options available to you after considering the following factors:

  • Overall health
  • Age
  • Past medical history
  • Your signs and symptoms
  • Your body’s ability to tolerate certain medications, procedures or therapies
  • The current state of the disease and how it is expected to progress
  • Your personal preference - ultimately, it is for you to decide whether you want treatment and if so, what kind of treatment suits you best

You are likely to spend several hours at UF Health Shands Hospital the day of your clinic visit. How long your visit is with us depends on your schedule and any specific health care needs you may have, such as additional testing or consultations. We ask that you please plan ahead and bring your medications and anything else you may need with you for that day.

After your visit

Any follow-up care needed such as further testing or surgery will be determined based on your individual need once the physician has evaluated you. Once the follow up care you need has been determined, you will receive information on what is next. If you have any questions or concerns after your visit with the UF Health Aortic Disease Center, please contact Amy Pendley at 352.273.8144.