UF Health Palliative Care: Palliative Pediatrics

Palliative Director

Pediatric Advance Practice Provider

We want you to know that…

Receiving palliative care occurs alongside curative, medical treatment and focuses on alleviating the burden caused by illness and its treatments. We function as an extra layer of support, in addition to your primary medical team, with the goal of maximizing quality of life for your child and your family while minimizing symptoms caused by illnesses or their treatments.

Palliative care can help any child at any age or stage of a serious illness, starting from diagnosis.

Care for your child and family can begin when your child’s health care provider refers you to palliative care services. It is available at the same time as any other treatments your doctors may prescribe. You may also request a palliative care team visit.

How can we help:

  • Clarifying goals of care during treatment
  • Helping you understand the illness or injury
  • Refractory symptom control
  • Connecting you with community resources
  • Supporting good communication between you, your child and the health care team
  • Assisting with spiritual and ethical concerns
  • Supporting siblings and extended family members

Please note: UF Health only has inpatient pediatric palliative care. There are no outpatient services at this time.