UF Health Pediatrics: Telehealth

Telehealth allows us to provide remote pediatric care using secure technology.

Telehealth is a method of providing health care services remotely using technology. Our program allows physicians in one location to care for patients in a different location through live video chat. A secure and convenient online app allows patients to communicate with physicians through a computer, tablet or smart phone.

For more information on getting ready for a telehealth visit and what technology you'll need to start your appointment, visit UF Health's telehealth resource section.

Telehealth expands access to quality patient care in a way that makes it easier for children and families. Telehealth is often more efficient than in-person appointments because it:

  • Reduces travel time for patients and physicians.
  • Eliminates lodging expenses for patients.
  • Improves access for patients.
  • Minimizes missed work and school time.

We offer pediatric primary and specialty care telehealth options and school-based telehealth options. If you have any questions, view our frequently asked questions or contact us.