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UF Health Ramps up Endoscopic Skull Base and Orbital Surgery

UF Health physician Brian Lobo, M.D., recently celebrated his fifth year working under the leadership of Jeb Justice, M.D., in the University of Florida’s Department of Otolaryngology, Rhinology Division. Recruited specifically for his expertise in endoscopic skull base surgery and endoscopic orbital surgery gleaned during his fellowship at The Cleveland Clinic, Lobo has developed an Endoscopic Skull Base and Pituitary Tumor Program that offers surgeries previously never performed at the University of Florida.

Skull base surgery

Working with his colleagues in Neurosurgery, Steven Roper, M.D., Jason Blatt M.D., FAANS, and Lance Governale, M.D., Lobo has helped usher in world-class minimally invasive endoscopic approaches to large brain and skull base tumors that historically would have needed difficult external approaches involving longer recovery times and significantly higher complication rates. Lobo provides special expertise in endoscopic approaches to eye and orbital tumors, and treats patients with thyroid-related eye disease and blocked tear ducts.

Currently, Lobo is working to perform quality improvement and cost mitigation work within the Endoscopic Skull Base Center. Lobo and his team recently presented at the 2022 North American Skull Base Society Meeting, providing a review of how the endoscopic approach has improved pituitary surgery outcomes.

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