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The road to becoming pregnant is sometimes filled with twists and turns. Roughly 20 percent of individuals encounter infertility obstacles that block paths to parenthood. Fortunately, modern reproductive medicine and advances in technology can help couples and individuals overcome these barriers and realize their dreams of starting a family. Call or click to use the form below and schedule an appointment today.



What is the process of coming into the reproductive medicine clinic?

At UF Health, our experts are there to walk patients through every step of solving issues with fertility — from discovering reproductive challenges to consultation, treatment courses and, ultimately, success.

Who should see an Infertility Specialist?

Infertility affects roughly 12% of couples globally, with 40 to 50% of all cases originating in the male. There are many causes that can impact fertility. Age, medications or prior surgeries can play a role in creating infertility issues. Even diet and smoking status can affect reproductive health.

People should seek the help of a fertility specialist based on their age and the length of time they have been attempting to become pregnant. For those under age 35, infertility is defined as the inability to become pregnant after one year of trying to conceive. If you are over 35, it is reasonable to consult a reproductive endocrinologist after six months of attempting to become pregnant. Many physicians recommend that individuals over 40 years old seek the advice of an infertility specialist as soon as they begin trying to conceive.

Making an Appointment with a UF Health Fertility Specialist

At UF Health, patients do not need to be referred to a reproductive specialist to obtain an appointment. Couples and individuals can simply call 352-265-2229 or fill out our online appointment form to schedule a consultation.

Evaluation and Treatment Options

UF Health offers multifaceted and multispecialty services to ensure all aspects of infertility and associated conditions can be analyzed. For couples, both individuals should be seen and scheduled for a work up simultaneously. This helps determine whether both or just one partner is experiencing fertility issues. Unlike many fertility clinics, UF Health has both female and male reproductive specialists, as well as testing, labs and procedure rooms all under one roof, so there is no need to go multiple places to receive treatment.

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For women, there are normally three initial tests based on menstrual cycles that are conducted to determine fertility status:

  • A tubal X-ray test
  • Egg quality test
  • A test to ensure ovulation is occurring

A male evaluation usually involves:

  • A patient history and physical
  • Bloodwork
  • Semen analysis

Within one menstrual cycle, an entire workup can be completed for a couple, which will then determine the course of treatment.

Treatments for infertility can be as simple as diet and lifestyle change. Other cases may require medications or surgeries. UF Health’s reproductive medicine program offers a multidisciplinary approach that leverages the expertise of reproductive endocrinologists, clinical psychology infertility specialists and reproductive urologists, among experts from other disciplines. The entire practice is centralized in our convenient Springhill location in Gainesville to best fit the individual needs of patients.

UF Health reproductive medicine welcomes all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability and age.



Florida Blue Shield Distinciton
UF Health Reproductive Medicine has been recognized by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association with the Blue Distinction Centers for Fertility Care designation. The honor is for those who show expertise in delivering improved patient safety and better health outcomes based on objective measures that were developed with input from leading accreditation and quality organizations. 

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