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Your Health Care Team

Patient care at UF Health is managed by a medical team. The team is directed by an attending physician who is a faculty member of the University of Florida. Other team members may include UF physician fellows (doctors participating in special training), residents, nurses and students. These teams may also have social workers, dietitians, therapists and pharmacists.

Your Team


Your primary care physician, a resident physician on duty or a hospitalist will supervise your care while you are in the hospital.


A hospitalist’s only focus is to take care of patients when they are in the hospital. Hospitalists work in close consultation with the patient’s primary care physician and specialists. They manage a patient’s entire hospital experience from admission until discharge.


In each nursing unit, a registered nurse is responsible for supervising patient care and directing the nursing and support staff of the unit. Registered nurses are assisted by nursing assistants and nurse technicians. The nursing staff is available around the clock.


A registered dietitian will review your medical record and work with your health-care team to develop a nutrition care plan for you. Registered dietitians are also available to educate you about any diets you may need to follow after you are discharged.

Rehabilitation Therapists

Physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists and audiologists will work with you, your family and your medical team to help meet goals of recovery. Therapy may range from brief consultation to long-term intervention, based on the extent of your injuries or illness.

Technicians and Technologists

Skilled health professionals perform and assist with laboratory and other procedures, including X-rays, mammograms, ultrasound, CT scans, MRIs, cardiac catheterization, radiation therapy and other procedures that help in diagnosing and treating your illness or injury.

Case Managers and Social Workers ext. 5-0224

Case managers will review your medical record and discuss your discharge planning. They are also available to assist you with arrangement for home care, needed home equipment, admission to a long-term care facility or rehabilitation care. Social workers offer emotional support, counseling and guidance to help patients and their families deal with social, emotional and financial problems related to illness or hospitalization.


While you are in the hospital all of your medications are dispensed by our hospital pharmacists. They can answer any questions you have regarding your medications.

Pastoral Services - Chaplains ext. 5-0224

Non-denominational Hospital Chaplains are available 24/7 to all patients and their families. They are available to provide support, counsel and prayer, as well as, to provide access to various “Rituals of Faith”.

Letting the patient’s nurse know that a Chaplain visit is desired is the quickest way to contact a Chaplain.

Interfaith Chapels are located at Shands UF North Tower on the first floor in room 1211, and at Shands Cancer Hospital South Tower on the second floor in room 2002—Sanctuaries of Silence and Peace. Both Chapels are open for prayer and meditation 24/7

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